Hello and Welcome.

Out of pure frustration in trying to get my xtreamer Whizz working with openelec or libreelec, I've decided to create this forum to open up the wonderful world of support for ALL extreamer products.

I've been using xtreamer for many years now, from the first one (?).. Was a bit of a brick, own operating system, but you could plug in two full height HDD"s in the front (had to remove the cover) and then toggle a switch on the bottom to pick which one was working..

I used it for years, as a media player.

I then upgraded to the Ultra, then the Ultra 2, then finally the Whizz, with Android TV.

That's been working ok, but in the recent weeks, just freezing, not working properly (forwarding froze the system etc). Not sure if that is due to the new Kodi on Android (17.5 Krypton), or the box.
Either way, I wanted to get rid of the Android TV and on to something less. I'm even prepared to put on Windows!! (ok, so that doesn't work).

Anyway, I digress.. I've got no approval or disapproval to open up this forum. It's not for commercial use, but for the community to help swap ideas and hopefully to offer up some support for these devices that have been out in the public for many years.

Yes, there is a Facebook page, but nobody seems to be answering the cry's for help. The old 'forum' is down for maintenance... since FEB 2017!!!

Anyway, please throw up ideas of what we should put on this forum and post away!!!