I know this is a topic that has been lightly touched upon, but I am very curious to know more. From what I gathered, players can use a little or as many miniatures on the play field (max of 12 spaces) as they desire, obviously the more figures you use, the less options for movement. It has been said that there will be a match making system to "balance" players, but seemed to be based off levels, not number of miniatures.

My concern; what is balancing the game from a player who was matched up with an opponent of roughly same level who plays more miniatures on the field? They would gain more turns, more opportunities to attack. We saw this example during live stream where it was a 3 v 2 and was claimed it was tough to win with two.

Again, I'm not fully aware of your systems to combat this, but as a game developer myself and as someone who has been in the miniatures hobby most my life, I just have my concerns regarding balance.

That being said, ever consider a point-based system? Much akin to some RPG's or war games (Warhammer, Warmachine, etc) where point values are assigned to each character and players are allowed a fixed amount to spend per match.

Please help.


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